What Is Spice Exactly?

What is spice, herbal incense, or herbal potpourri
  • Spice is a common name for specially mixed blends of Herbal Incense containing a variety herbs, exotic leaves, and scents. Spice and other herbal incense mixtures have recently become popular in the US do to reports of an “undetectable Marijuana like high” that some people have experienced after inhaling specific blends.
  • Although these claims have been made against all products offered on this site no blends; including the FREE sample, are intended for this use. For this reason we have chosen not to sell any of our mixtures to children under the age of 18.

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Is Spice Legal In The US?

is spice, herbal incense, or herbal potpourri legal or illegal
  • Because of the recently passed laws we are often asked this question. The answer is YES. While some products have been taken down due to the new legislation you can rest assure all products offered on this site; including the FREE sample comply with all national regulations. However please be advised some places have issued state bans on certain products we offer. We will keep you informed of your local laws and we will not ship you a baned product.
  • Federal DEA Ban
    JWH-018, JWH-073, JWH-200, CP-47,497, CP-47,497 C8 homologue have been labeled Schedule I drugs as of March 1, 2011. This scheduling will last for at least one year with a possible extension of an additional six months. This scheduling is in effect for all states as well. (View Entire Ruling)
  • A 3rd party DEA registered laboratory analysis of each product is available on demand.
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Stimulate you bath time with our new line of bath salts. Available in two sensations; energize and euphoria. Please Note: Due to some consumers snorting and otherwise misusing these products to achieve an ecstasy or cocaine like high certain states have placed a ban on the possession of certain bathsalt brands. Although the majority of the bands only are for mephedrone; a compound in some bath salts, we encourage you check all local laws in your area before ordering.

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Kratom is a medicinal leaf harvested from special trees in Southeast Asia and Indochina. For centuries Natives have used Kratom leaves to treat depression, anxiety, high blood sugar, and prolong sexual intercourse, but Kratom pills have also been taken to treat pain, reduce withdrawal symptoms, and create an overall sense of well being. For more information on visit our online store.

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